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Integrate all technologies and devices into a unique platform, Bezonia makes any technological environment simple. Choose your devices, add those to the Bezonia ecosystems, deal done.
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No limits to scalability. From smart room management to smart cities, you can count on Bezonia and its total brand and technology independence to support your evolutive projects
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Thanks to its ultra secured platform, Bezonia guarantees you to create a Rock Solid and fully-secured environment for any project
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Interoperability and interactivity are key in integration. Once techniques are integrated within Bezonia, the most impressive sequences can be created in minutes without scripting.
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Turn on your creativity mode. Intuitive configurator and unlimited customization possibilities


Bezonia solves all your automation and technology integration issues

Bezonia is a powerful, scalable and modular platform that can integrate and regroup, within an easy-to-use operating system, various components and technologies, regardless of their brand, functionalities and communication protocols.

Bezonia can interconnect and pilot music, videos, projectors, access control, televisions, camera’s, electrical and pneumatic devices, …
Actually, better than piloting technologies, Bezonia makes those fully interactive with each other, making possibilities as good as unlimited.

No matter how – anything can be hooked to Bezonia and be piloted at the fingertips. Let your customers choose how they want their environment to be managed and make things happen.

Make Technology Invisible – Everyone is looking for an environment where technology is hidden. Bezonia was made to do so. Its global agenda that contains all technologies and devices allows you to make any building live and breathe based on its owner’s personal tempo.

Automating an environment is not an easy choice. As nobody knows what the future will bring us as new technologies, it is crucial to choose a highly scalable platform. Not being limited to building automation, Bezonia is an incredible solution that allows you to serenely consider future upgrades in various domains, whatever the technology might be, robots and AI being examples.


Bezonia WebApp, Control any
environment at a glance

Instant supervision and management of all technologies from a global dashboard becomes a reality with Bezonia. Displayed information and customization can be chosen for each user to address everyone’s needs.

What makes it better,
more intuitive

Keep things simple in any situation is our main objective, because most users find building automation complex. Manage in a single click any environment via sequences: from everyday tasks to how a building will adapt to every demand.

Large Villa in Rhode-Saint-Genese (Belgium)
Mr Sax’s House in Dinant (Belgium)
Naturalium Museum in Besancon (France)

Living Tomorrow
in Vilvoorde

Living Tomorrow, also known as “The House of the Future” in Vilvoorde, is centrally piloted by Bezonia. The most versatile technologies are daily added to the Bezonia ecosystem and combined with each other to create a unique experience for employees and visitors. Interested to discover how Bezonia can hide technology and create magic?


Château du Lac in Genval

This awesome 5-star hotel nested at the edge of the Genval lake uses Bezonia to manage sound, video and lights in its ballrooms, bar, lounge and boardrooms. When technology is highly present, it was made totally invisible, enabling design and functionality to be perfectly combined.



Great Product,
Depends on Great People.

Team member
Marc Urbain
Sales & Marketing Director
Marc & his team are your key contact point to discuss new exciting projects, from home automation to smart cities
Team member
Yassin Jdaoudi
Product Owner
Yassin's mission is to ensure
Bezonia keeps on addressing
your most demanding needs
Team member
Michaël Van De Poel
Technical Wizard
Impossible doesn't belong to Michaël's vocabulary. His team will always find a solution to your technical challenges

Bezonia Vision,
By Jean-Michel Verhulst,Managing Director

By delivering an agnostic language that allows an open communication between all devices and technologies, we are breaking the automation and integration rules, simplifying processes,

pushing the limits and thus creating new opportunities. We want our Partners to achieve more, faster and with a high degree of confidence towards their customers.

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Bezonia Inception to production
by Emmanuel Van De Poel

In 2006, realizing that technologies integration was a quite complicated matter for both users and integrators, Emmanuel Van De Poel decided, as a hobby, to create a solution aimed to easily connect the impossible. The Goal: build a revolutionary integration platform creating a universal and unique ecosystem that can connect any product, any technology and any protocol.

Several years later, endless hours of development and in the meanwhile supported by a strong team of specialists, Bezonia now represents a major technological breakthrough that creates central intelligence for smart and sustainable buildings applications, furthermore bringing an unmatched experience to any environment.

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